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hip pain exercises to avoid

Top 8 Hip Pain Exercises to Avoid: Tips for Treating Hip Pain

Pain originating from the hips can be a constant annoyance in daily life. Whether from a temporary injury or long-term condition, you may experience pain while walking or remaining still for extended periods of time. If you are truly unfortunate, you might even have to deal with both. Rest is usually the first step after … Read more

hip abductor strengthening

11 Proven Hip Abductor Strengthening Exercises for Pain Relief

The hip adductor and abductor muscle groups are instrumental for maintaining good posture. Problems with these muscles can cause a range of issues, not just with your hips. Poor posture stemming from the hips can lead to lower back pain and also increase your risk of injury during sports exercise or even normal daily activity. … Read more

reverse clam shell

How to Do Reverse Clamshell Exercise: Workout Benefits & Instructions

If you’re looking for more exercises to strengthen your hips, an often-overlooked option is the reverse clamshell exercise. It works a different part of your hip muscles than the traditional version and has many benefits.  Benefits of the Reverse Clamshell Exercise The reverse clamshell exercise is a variation of the clamshell, which helps with hip … Read more

hip flexor exercise bands

9 Hip Flexor Exercises With Bands: Increase Strength & Hip Mobility

If you’re dealing with tight hips or an injury, it may be time to ask your physical therapist about hip flexor exercise bands to help you further your rehab efforts. Here, we’ll explore hip flexor resistance band exercises you can use to strengthen those muscles. Beginners can do modified versions of these exercises without bands … Read more

pinched nerve in hip

Pinched Nerve in Hip: Causes, Treatments, & How to Find Relief

Experiencing a pinched nerve in your hip can often be excruciating for people. The nerves in our hips help us do simple activities like walking, running, jumping, and sitting. So, when the nerves are compressed or “pinched,” it takes a toll on our everyday lives and makes the most basic tasks extremely uncomfortable. If you’re … Read more

hip flexor rehab

8 Best Hip Flexor Rehab Stretches & Exercises

Your hip flexors are responsible for bringing your knee up towards your chest. They also play a role in rotating your thigh and trunk together and stabilizing the pelvis. If you overuse or strain them, you may experience pain in the front of your hip or thigh and reduced hip flexor function.  In this post, … Read more

hip flexor exercises for seniors

8 Strengthening Hip Flexor Exercises for Seniors

As we age, our bodies go through many changes. We may not be as flexible as we once were, and our muscles may not be as strong, leading to increased fall risk and injury potential, not to mention bone breakage. This is why hip flexor exercises for seniors and older adults are so important. Hip … Read more

rehab exercises for hip

Best 15 Hip Physical Therapy Rehab Exercises

If you’re struggling with hip pain and limited mobility, you’re not alone. According to a study in Osteoarthritis Cartilage, 1 in 4 adults will develop symptomatic hip osteoarthritis in their lifetime. While there’s no cure for hip pain, physical therapy can be an effective way to manage a variety of symptoms to improve your quality … Read more

stretches for outer hip pain

10 Easy Stretches for Outer Hip Pain You Can Do at Home

If you’re looking for simple outer hip stretches to relieve outer hip pain, you’ve come to the right place. These 10 easy stretches for outer hip pain can be done at home and may provide relief from your discomfort. Although hip pain is not as common as knee pain, it can still be just as … Read more


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