Sports Medicine for Weekend Warriors

Holistic, evidence-based advice that empowers you to be active.

Meet the Sporty Doctor

A graduate of A.T. Still’s Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. Kristina DeMatas practices holistic, evidence-based family medicine that focuses on treating injuries and transforming lives through prevention, rehabilitation, and diet.

Kristina DeMatas

My Mission

To help people reduce the need for drugs and tap into the body’s natural ability to heal itself by focusing on prevention and rehabilitation.

Sports Injury Advice

Critical advice to help you conquer pain and get back to your active lifestyle.

Product Recommendations

Products to maximize your physical activity levels and overall well-being, personally reviewed and recommended by the Sporty Doctor herself

Exercise & Rehabilitation

Rehab and strengthening exercises to help you overcome crippling aches and pain, stay active, and unlock your full potential