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IT Band Stretches for Hip Pain

10 Best IT Band Stretches for Hip Pain Relief

Iliotibial band syndrome, also known as IT band syndrome, hip bursitis, or runner’s knee, is a condition that can cause pain and inflammation in the muscles and tendons that run along the outer thigh, causing hip and knee pain. If you’re suffering from this condition, these IT band hip pain stretches could be for you. … Read more

hip tendonitis exercises

10 Simple & Easy Hip Tendonitis Exercises to Try at Home

If you’re suffering from hip pain, tendonitis (also spelled tendinitis) may be the reason. You may experience trouble with normal activities such as walking, climbing stairs, getting in and out of a chair, or running. Take a look at these hip tendonitis exercises to help relieve your pain, especially if you’re also experiencing lower back … Read more

how to stretch your hip

How to Stretch Your Hip With 8 Simple & Easy Stretches

Like low back pain, hip pain is fairly common, affecting 10% of adults in the general population, increasing with age. While hip surgery and joint replacement are possible to treat the most severe cases of hip pain, physical therapy is an easy way to get relief. As a sports medicine doctor, I’ve seen many people … Read more

Hip exercises featured image

22 Hip Exercises Proven and Strengthen Your Core Stability

Exercising your hips can provide many benefits, like increased flexibility, pain relief, strength and mobility. When you practice these stretches and exercises for hip problems, you may find it easier to do things that were more difficult before, such as running, jumping, or other simple activities that involve hip motion. That’s why I’ve put together … Read more

hip flexor exercises

10 Best Hip Flexor Exercises To Strengthen & Stretch Your Hips

Tight or injured hip flexors can greatly impact our day-to-day lives. Simple movements like walking, sitting, or jumping can become a chore. Further, tight hip flexors can lead to worse injuries when you don’t stretch or exercise them properly. If you suffer from tightness in your hip flexors or are recovering from an injury, this … Read more

broken wrist rehab exercises

10 Simple Broken Wrist Rehab Exercises for a Quick Recovery

A broken wrist is a common injury that can severely impact your everyday life. It can mean a break in the forearm bones (the distal radius and ulna), or of the carpal bones that make up the wrist joint. Falling is one of the most common causes of a wrist fracture. Wrist fractures can be … Read more


Anterior vs Posterior Pelvic Tilt: What’s the Difference?

Pelvic tilt, also called pelvic misalignment, is often caused by a muscle imbalance and can cause lower back and hip pain. Learn the different types of pelvic tilt, what causes it, and how to correct it with physical therapy exercises.  What is Pelvic Tilt?  Your pelvis, or pelvic girdle, is a basin-shaped set of bones … Read more

are chiropractic adjustments painful

8 Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Exercises for Pain Relief

If you ever feel an aching pain where your neck meets your collarbone or tingling and numbness in your fingers, you may be suffering from thoracic outlet syndrome. Luckily, you can do PT exercises to treat this rare condition and relieve TOS pain. What is Thoracic Outlet Syndrome? The thoracic outlet is a diamond-shaped space … Read more

walk on torn meniscus 0 1637254603

Will Walking on a Torn Meniscus Make it Worse?

While it depends on the type and severity of your injury, studies have indicated that physical therapy exercises can help a meniscus tear heal quicker. Learn what causes meniscal tears, how to treat them, and when weight-bearing rehabilitation can help them heal quicker.  What is a Meniscus Tear? Menisci are pieces of wedge-shaped cartilage on … Read more


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