pinched nerve in hip

Pinched Nerve in Hip: Causes, Treatments, & How to Find Relief

Experiencing a pinched nerve in your hip can often be excruciating for people. The nerves in our hips help us do simple activities like walking, running, jumping, and sitting. So, when the nerves are compressed or “pinched,” it takes a toll on our everyday lives and makes the most basic tasks extremely uncomfortable. If you’re … Read more

Sprained Ankle Treatment

How to Heal a Sprained Ankle Fast at Home

Ankle sprains are common in athletes, but that doesn’t mean they’re not serious.  An ankle injury can take you out of the game for a week or more if not treated properly. Get back on your feet faster by following these treatment tips for healing a sprained ankle ASAP. Sprained ankles make up about a … Read more

Elbow Pain When Lifting Weights2

Do You Have Elbow Pain When Lifting Weights?

People often overlook their elbows when designing exercise routines and self-care plans, but these joints take a lot of abuse in the course of a workout. Incorrect repetitive motions in something as simple as push-ups may cause a misalignment in your joints, including the elbows, leading to pain. How can you plan to avoid elbow … Read more

Common Sports Injuries

Common Sports Injuries: Prevention & Rehab Guide

As a family physician practicing sports medicine, I see a lot of injuries. Although some are caused by accidents, most injuries can be prevented. In this post, I’ll share with you the 19 most common sports injuries. I’ll also provide some useful information to help with prevention, treatments and physical therapy exercises. Which Sports Have … Read more

How To Treat Tennis Elbow At Home

How To Treat Tennis Elbow At Home

Golfers and tennis players who tend to make repetitive movements in an athletic setting, often feel symptoms of Tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis. This condition around the elbow can lead to stiffness, swelling, joint pain and difficulty moving. If you don‘t play tennis, it doesn‘t automatically keep you out of risk, since only 5 percent … Read more


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