hip abductor strengthening

11 Proven Hip Abductor Strengthening Exercises for Pain Relief

The hip adductor and abductor muscle groups are instrumental for maintaining good posture. Problems with these muscles can cause a range of issues, not just with your hips. Poor posture stemming from the hips can lead to lower back pain and also increase your risk of injury during sports exercise or even normal daily activity. … Read more

reverse clam shell

How to Do Reverse Clamshell Exercise: Workout Benefits & Instructions

If you’re looking for more exercises to strengthen your hips, an often-overlooked option is the reverse clamshell exercise. It works a different part of your hip muscles than the traditional version and has many benefits.  Benefits of the Reverse Clamshell Exercise The reverse clamshell exercise is a variation of the clamshell, which helps with hip … Read more

hip flexor exercise bands

9 Hip Flexor Exercises With Bands: Increase Strength & Hip Mobility

If you’re dealing with tight hips or an injury, it may be time to ask your physical therapist about hip flexor exercise bands to help you further your rehab efforts. Here, we’ll explore hip flexor resistance band exercises you can use to strengthen those muscles. Beginners can do modified versions of these exercises without bands … Read more

hip flexor exercises for seniors

8 Strengthening Hip Flexor Exercises for Seniors

As we age, our bodies go through many changes. We may not be as flexible as we once were, and our muscles may not be as strong, leading to increased fall risk and injury potential, not to mention bone breakage. This is why hip flexor exercises for seniors and older adults are so important. Hip … Read more

Hip exercises featured image

22 Hip Exercises Proven and Strengthen Your Core Stability

Exercising your hips can provide many benefits, like increased flexibility, pain relief, strength and mobility. When you practice these stretches and exercises for hip problems, you may find it easier to do things that were more difficult before, such as running, jumping, or other simple activities that involve hip motion. That’s why I’ve put together … Read more

hip flexor exercises

10 Best Hip Flexor Exercises To Strengthen & Stretch Your Hips

Tight or injured hip flexors can greatly impact our day-to-day lives. Simple movements like walking, sitting, or jumping can become a chore. Further, tight hip flexors can lead to worse injuries when you don’t stretch or exercise them properly. If you suffer from tightness in your hip flexors or are recovering from an injury, this … Read more

resistance bands tubes

10 Best Resistance Band Exercises For Belly Fat

As a former professional athlete and hardcore weightlifter, I have found a new respect for resistance band exercises for belly fat and their ability to produce results. There are several different types of bands with multiple uses, with new bands emerging year after year.  There are the tubed bands with handles, flat-ended rubber bands, heavy-duty … Read more

Resistance band fitness at home Asian woman doing leg workout donkey kick floor exercises with strap elastic. Glute muscle activation with kickback for thighs cellulite.

11 Best Resistance Band Exercises for Legs and Glutes

Since the “booty” revolution hit a few years ago, resistance band exercises have skyrocketed in popularity for many reasons. Affordability, flexibility, and RESULTS are a few key reasons these elastic beauties are seen everywhere nowadays.  The resistance band leg exercises, booty workout, and all-over body routines have been revolutionized by bands making weight training not … Read more

Strength Training For Women Over 50 Featured

Strength Training For Women Over 50: The Complete Guide

Whether you are a woman that has just started to workout, or have worked out all your life, your 50-year-old body requires different nutrition and exercise than when you were in your 20s, 30s and 40s. And while everyone’s body is different, there are many foundational similarities that it needs for optimal performance, muscle building, … Read more


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