Sports Medicine

Volleyball Shoes

10 Best Volleyball Shoes For Women and Men

When it comes to playing your best volleyball, basketball or running shoes are no substitute for a good pair of volleyball shoes. Lightweight with gum rubber soles, these shoes support quick cuts and constant jumping. Here you’ll find my recommendations for the top 5 best men’s and women’s volleyball shoes. Playing volleyball can be tough … Read more

Volleyball Injuries

15 Most Common Volleyball Injuries

As one of the most popular team sports, volleyball is an easy game to learn, play and enjoy. But for many players, both professional and amateur, the resulting injuries can take time to recover from. In my own personal experience playing volleyball and working with recreational athletes to elite, professional players like Kerri Walsh Jennings, … Read more

Is A Sports Medicine Career Right For You2

Is A Sports Medicine Career Right For You?

You’re watching your favorite American college football team on TV Saturday night. It’s the fourth quarter, third down, and two yards to go. The ball is hiked and handed off to the running back who makes the first down! Unfortunately, he’s tackled by two players on the opposing team. When the play is whistled dead, … Read more


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