Physical Therapy Exercises For Back Pain2

17 Best Physical Therapy Exercises For Lower Back Pain

Low back pain, or lumbar back pain, is incredibly common. As such, you would think that there would be a few habitual ways to treat back pain. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Since the back is such a complex area made up of bones, muscles, nerves, and tendons, there’s no easy way to tell … Read more

Is Walking Good For Plantar Fasciitis?

Is Walking Good For Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis can get in the way of everyday activity. When you feel that sharp pain in the bottom of your foot and heel sitting down is the only thing that seems to help. But many people who suffer from foot issues still want to be active. Patients often ask me if it’s okay to … Read more

Sports Physical Therapy

What is Sports Physical Therapy and How Therapists Treat Injuries

While there are over ten recognized specialties in physical therapy, the sports physical therapy specialty stands out as one of the most commonly referenced areas of PT.  The idea of being a physical therapist for a major league sports team usually comes to mind when you think of the term ‘sports PT’.  However, a sports … Read more

Physical Therapy Exercises In Living Room

25 Simple Physical Therapy Exercises You Can Do At Home

Daily visits to the physical therapist don’t fit into everyone’s schedule. Keeping your body in good working order is all about being proactive. If you have an injury or medical condition, at-home physical therapy exercise programs are the best way to heal and strengthen those painful and overworked muscles. I’ve put together a tried-and-true list … Read more

Best Physical Therapy Websites

Top 50 Physical Therapy Blogs and Websites For 2021

As a sports medicine physician, I’m a huge advocate for physical therapy. Between that and my mom being a PT, I’m always looking to add physical therapy resources to Sporty Doctor. Physical therapy does wonders for sports injuries, car accidents, or rehab in general. If you’re a medical professional or going through the rehab process, … Read more

Knee Stretches

16 Physical Therapy Exercises For Knee Pain

You use your knees daily to sit and walk. The constant use puts the complex joint at risk for injury. Common knee injuries include sprains, meniscus tears, ligament tears, and fractures. Most injuries can be treated with simple bracing and a focused physical therapy (PT) knee rehab program. To help my patients (and myself), I … Read more

Shoulder Pain Exercises

13 Physical Therapy Shoulder Pain Exercises & Rehab

You might not realize it, but you use your shoulders daily to lift, reach, pull, push, carry, and press.  Almost everyone will experience some form of painful shoulder and soreness during their lifetime – even if you don’t play sports. Sadly, in some cases, it can become a chronic problem. Chronic pain makes everyday activities … Read more

Tennis Elbow Stretches and Exercises2

11 Tennis Elbow Exercises For Physical Therapy & Pain Relief

Overuse of the elbow is often associated with a painful condition called tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis. Whether your elbow pain is coming from overuse, Tendinosis, or Tendonitis, physical therapy can help with preventing future pain. These tennis elbow exercises can help you prepare your muscles, tendons, and joints for the upcoming daily work routine. … Read more


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