Top 50 Physical Therapy Blogs and Websites For 2021

As a sports medicine physician, I’m a huge advocate for physical therapy. Between that and my mom being a PT, I’m always looking to add physical therapy resources to Sporty Doctor.

Physical therapy does wonders for sports injuries, car accidents, or rehab in general.

If you’re a medical professional or going through the rehab process, following physical therapy blogs and websites is a great way to get bite-sized tips to keep you on top of your game.

Some blogs and websites are casual and creative in nature, while others put vital information out there that you simply must know. Physical therapy blogs and websites fall within the latter category.

These info-packed sites discuss the latest industry news and highlight various injuries, such as how to treat common sports injuries. With these blogs and sites continually popping up, you never know what you’ll find online that can be helpful to you, whether a medical professional or patient.

Physical therapists take their job role seriously and you better believe that the content they put out there will be inclusive and accurate. These PT websites are filled with education-packed content to help physical therapists and rehab patients achieve their treatment goals.

Top Physical Therapy Websites

We’ve put together a list of the 50 best PT blogs and websites for medical pros and the general public to check out. We’ve reviewed hundreds of blogs and websites to create a list featuring the best of the bunch and added some contact links for your reference as well. We don’t take this award lightly and we’ve carefully built a list you are going to love to review.

Here is our top 50 list (in no particular order):

Physical Therapy Blogs

These are the best informational blogs for physical therapists. They are active on their blog and social media. Some of them also run their own private practice.


Ptprogress Career Development, Education, Health •

The PTProgress website is an excellent resource for healthcare professionals. Filled with career development tools and university education resources, individuals in the field are sure to find this site helpful, similar to the benefits experienced with webPT. I was also lucky enough to contribute an article. Connect with PTProgress on Facebook.

Professional Physical Therapy

Professional Pt

The Professional Physical Therapy website makes the top 50 list for its inclusiveness and detailed descriptions of therapy services and pain treatment offerings. With clinics located throughout five different states, this practice has to be up on its game in all ways and from viewing their site, you can see this is so. Connect with them on Twitter and Facebook.

Bodyworx Physical Therapy and Concussion Center

Body Works

The Bodyworx Physical Therapy and Concussion Center website makes our list of favorites as it not only offers informative content on PT and concussion topics but has links to a podcast as well. Follow them on Facebook.

Allan Besselink

Allan Besselink Physiotherapy Performance Prevention Smart Life Project Live A Smart Life

Allan Besselink offers insight into physiotherapy, which differs from physical therapy, and is also an author and guest speaker. This website delves into physiotherapy and is a great resource to consult on this topic. Follow Allan on Facebook.

BreakThrough Physical Therapy

Break Through PT

The BreakThrough Physical Therapy website offers helpful advice and exhibits a desire to help individuals choose this treatment method over popping pills, as noted in a recent video segment and interview. Connect with them on Twitter and Facebook.

Iron Physical Therapy

Iron Physical Therapy

Iron Physical Therapy operates on a mission to “Get Better. Be Better.” This is something we can appreciate. The website offers inclusive descriptions on injuries treated and methods used while putting a focus on athletes. Connect with them on Facebook.

Northern Physical Therapy

Northern PT

Northern Physical Therapy puts a keen focus on the patient by offering videos to provide information and holding a wide array of classes for their patients to join. A newsletter and blog posts also keep the details coming, both to patients and industry partners. Connect with Northern PT on Twitter and Facebook.

Apex Physical Therapy

Apex Physical Therapy Physical Therapy, Physical Therapist

Apex Physical Therapy focuses on many different areas of treatment and provides detailed information on their website, including highlights about their three-step recovery plan for athletes. Follow Apex on Twitter and Facebook.

OSR Physical Therapy


OSR Physical Therapy offers a free assessment option on their website as well as an easy way for physicians and other medical professionals to refer patients to the OSR team. Connect with OSR on Twitter and Facebook.

Kime Human Performance Institute

Kime Fitness

The first thing you see when you visit the Kime Human Performance Institute website is the button to push to view their process video, which takes less than four minutes to view. This up-front, easily-viewed video highlights the offerings quickly and clearly. Connect with them on Twitter and Facebook

Elite Physical Therapy

Elite Physical Thereapy

Elite Physical Therapy highlights conditions they treat, treatments they offer, and patient success stories. Another aspect we like about this website? Elite Physical Therapy talks about the dry needling process. Connect with Elite on Facebook.

Athletico Physical Therapy


Athletico Physical Therapy focuses on the individual, not just the injury. They also have some pretty top-notch partnerships with a wide array of local sports organizations as highlighted on their homepage. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Zang Physical Therapy


Zang Physical Therapy offers special guides on their website covering topics such as how to naturally eliminate neck and shoulder pain and how to stop nagging chronic knee pain. This PT office also caters to the 40+ crowd and helps them to regain an active lifestyle. Tweet to Zang on Twitter.

Apex Network Physical Therapy

Apex Network

As the official PT provider to SIUE Athletics and a Top 500 Franchise according to Entrepreneur magazine, Apex Network Physical Therapy is a well-recognized and applauded center with a stellar website, too. Connect with Apex on Twitter and Facebook.

Coury & Buehler Physical Therapy

Coury & Buehler Physical Therapy

The awards that Coury & Buehler Physical Therapy have received pop off the page immediately as soon as you view their website. In addition to the impressive accolades, this provider makes their expertise easily known through the inclusive Pain 101 reference section on the website. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Specht Physical Therapy

Home Specht Physical Therapy

Specht Physical Therapy shares knowledge and compassionate guidance on their website. The easy-to-navigate site offers treatment service options as well as a helpful blog, detailed specialty service offerings, and patient testimonials. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Feldman Physical Therapy


With a keen focus on sports performance evaluations and the offering of sports injury clinics, you can tell that Feldman Physical Therapy is a leader in the field of sport-related rehabilitation and sports medicine. Not only do they aid in fixing problems, they help patients prevent them from occurring, helping them to be less likely to need sports medicine. Follow Feldman on Facebook.

Premier Therapy Solutions

Premier PT

Premier Therapy Solutions offers one-on-one services with a focus on wellness and longevity. The attractive web content perfectly highlights the offerings and makes you want to contact them for all of your PT needs. Premier is on Facebook.

Julie Wiebe PT

Julie Wiebe PT

The Julie Wiebe PT website is an excellent resource to consult for women who are post-pregnancy or have recently recovered from an injury and are trying to return to their prior status with regard to fitness. Connect with Julie on Twitter and Facebook.

Marianne Ryan Physical Therapy

Marianne Ryan

Marianne Ryan Physical Therapy offers pregnancy and post-partum treatment along with other women’s health issues. As the author of Baby Bod, Marianne offers excellent tips on the website along with in-person treatment. Follow Marianne on Facebook.

POGO Physio

Pogo Physio Award Winning Gold Coast Physio 1hr Initial Appointment

POGO Physio understands its patient’s needs and puts a face to those they treat through their Finish Line patient stories included on the website and informative details on the blog. Connect with POGO on Twitter and Facebook.


Physical Therapist

PhysicalTherapist.com provides a world of resources in one handy website. Guidance in the form of job listings, informational articles, details on PT schools, and more can be found on this site. Connect with them on Twitter and Facebook.

Private Practice Websites

These are websites created by physical therapists for their patients.


Bodhi Zone

Bodhizone focuses on PT, osteopathy, occupational therapy and other rehabilitation areas. Both the website and blog offer helpful hints and informative tidbits on how to live your best pain-free life. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Smart Body Physical Therapy

Smart Body PT

Smart Body Physical Therapy is a must-add to this list of the best websites and blogs. In addition to being an extraordinary resource to consult for all treatment questions and needs, Laura Bunso, PT, MTC, is also a close personal friend of the Sporty Doctor. Follow Laura and crew on Facebook.

Restorative Pelvic Physical Therapy

Restorative PT

The Restorative Pelvic Physical Therapy website shines in that it offers extraordinary assistance in a specialized form of treatment. For those who experience pelvic floor dysfunction, the offerings of this treatment provider are easy to understand and explore, thanks to this website. Follow on Facebook and Instagram.

The Kaplan Center

Kaplan Center
The Kaplan Center team are the chronic pain and illness experts with a focus on integrative medicine. With more than 30 years of experience, this group of medical professionals know what they’re talking about, which you’ll see when you head to the website and blog. Connect with them on Twitter and Facebook.

Dr. Victor Romano

Victor Romano

Dr. Victor Romano specializes in orthopaedic surgery with a focus on bone injuries. Dr. Romano is an orthopaedic surgeon as well as a published author and guest speaker on the subject. The inclusive website and blog shows his expertise through informative discussions and insight on orthopaedic injuries, perfect for partners in this field and individuals seeking out ortho insight. Check with him on Twitter and Facebook.

Physical Therapy Central


The Physical Therapy Central website offers many helpful features other sites include. One added bonus of this website is that these professionals bring the conversation and information to life through Vimeo videos. Connect with them on Twitter and Facebook.

PT Solutions

PT Solutions

PT Solutions, in addition to having a cool website with patient stories, health guidance, and the latest industry news, is also a sponsor of the Atlanta Braves and the franchise’s exclusive PT partner. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Central Mass Physical Therapy and Wellness

Central Mass Physical Therapy & Wellness Massachusetts Cmpt

Central Mass Physical Therapy and Wellness focuses on fixing what’s broken via treatment services and making sure it doesn’t break in the first place with wellness classes. Something we love about this website is that every blog post is accompanied by a video.  Follow Central Mass on Facebook.

Ann Steinfeld Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Costa Mesa, Ca Ann Steinfeld Pt

Ann Steinfeld Physical Therapy offers comprehensive PT services. On the website, the inclusion of a medical library, blog, and videos help to turn a somewhat complex subject into an easily understandable one for their patients.

Regain Physical Therapy

Regain PT

On the Regain Physical Therapy website, the patient success stories and tip of the month really draw us in. And, as the official PT health providers of the Rochester RazorSharks, it’s clear they know what they’re doing. Connect with them on Twitter and Facebook.

BodyGears Physical Therapy

Body Gears

At BodyGears Physical Therapy, there is little that can’t be achieved by consulting their website. From a free screen appointment to easily completing patient forms, BodyGears includes pretty much all of the necessary items for future and current patients to utilize on their site. Follow BodyGears on Twitter and Facebook.

React Physical Therapy


With a whole body approach to treatment and a website which is inclusive and informative, React Physical Therapy is doing things right. Their focus on pro athlete training is another excellent inclusion on the site. Connect with them on Twitter and Facebook.

California Therapy Solutions

California Therapy Solutions

California Therapy Solutions dedicates an educational webpage to patients which includes everything they need to get started with obtaining California Therapy Solutions services. Plus, handy news bites make learning about the practice even easier for site visitors. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Bucks Physical Therapy


The Bucks Physical Therapy website made our top 50 list because of its ease of navigation and excellent amount of information provided for patients to easily find. Follow Bucks on Facebook.

Physical Therapy Now

Franchise Physicaltherapy now.com

Physical Therapy Now offers the latest news and educational resources on their website. One of the more unique features is a specialized guide for tips on neck pain, lower back pain, and knee injury. Follow them on Facebook.

BenchMark Physical Therapy


BenchMark Physical Therapy gives back to their patients by providing the extensive care and services listed on their website. They also highlight their philanthropic giving and ways in which they give back to the community. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Wright Physical Therapy

Wright PT

Wright Physical Therapy includes a call-to-action portion on their website directed at two specific groups: industrial workers and athletes. The Wright PT team offers safety and preventive measures to workers and athletes to make injuries less likely. Follow Wright PT on Facebook.



The eye-catching layout of the Kinected website is just the icing on the cake for this provider. Add in the fact that they offer multi-faceted PT services, ranging from pilates to CranioSacral therapy, and you have a provider website to definitely check out. Kinected is on Twitter and Facebook.


Melio Guide

The MelioGuide website puts the focus on the specialized area of osteoporosis and the treatment of related conditions. All questions on this subject will be answered fully thanks to the MelioGuide. Plus, there’s a free seven-day email course. Connect with them on Twitter and Facebook.

Dinosaur Physical Therapy

Dinosaur Physical Therapy

With a focus on pediatric treatment, Dinosaur Physical Therapy offers a website to share tips and guidance with parents who are sure to appreciate and use them. Connect with them on Twitter and Facebook. 

Back in Action Physical Therapy

Back In Action Physical Therapy Back In Action Physical Therapy

Back in Action Physical Therapy makes their website extremely informative with their detailed service offerings page, including sports physio and general treatment, and blog posts. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy


This site goes above and beyond just listing service descriptions. The Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy team highlights various areas of concern which might be of importance to individuals seeking help in these areas, such as ergonomics, aging well, and athletic performance information. Connect with them on Twitter and Facebook.

Professional Associations and Educational Websites

Alliance for Physical Therapy Quality and Innovation (APTQI)


The Alliance for Physical Therapy Quality and Innovation (APTQI) website caught our eye immediately as it’s filled with a group of physical therapists who have come together to continually improve the industry. They get the job done by sharing knowledge and common goals while providing the latest in industry news. Connect with the APTQI on Twitter and Facebook.

Alaska Physical Therapy Association


The Alaska Physical Therapy Association brings therapists together and offers one-stop shopping for information for Alaskan medical professionals in the way of job listings, advertising information and education, both general and university-based. Connect with them on Facebook.

Academy of Acute Care Physical Therapy


The Academy of Acute Care Physical Therapy offers education, information, and guidance for those in the practice. The site features helpful links and articles to help you improve in your occupation. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Academy of Aquatic Physical Therapy

Academy Of Aquatic PT

Created to aid those in the aquatic therapy field, the Academy of Aquatic Physical Therapy website offers journal news, event listings, and opportunities to obtain certificates and further education. Connect with them on Twitter and Facebook.

Follow These Physical Therapy Websites and Blogs Today!

Physical therapy websites and blogs provide a wealth of knowledge, and free knowledge at that! Since session costs can add up, although the exact amount depends on the provider, treatments received, and length of treatment, patients and potential patients appreciate having access to this info from reputable sources…free of charge!

The information contained on the “best of” list comes from professional provider and organization sites and has been well-researched to provide accurate details. It’s basically evidence in motion as it pertains to the physical therapist or a manual therapist, like Dr. Erson Religioso. It’s also as useful as webPT.

These websites offer the details and guidance you need to help you with your physical therapy practice or, if an individual seeking treatment, give you the insight you crave as you seek answers to your rehabilitation needs.

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