7 Best Plantar Fasciitis Night Splints And Brace Options For Sleeping

As someone who suffers from heel pain, I know that the first few steps in the morning are often the worst. That’s why I put together this list of the best plantar fasciitis night splints!

As a sports medicine doctor, I have spent many years treating plantar fasciitis in my patients. I recommend many solutions for plantar fasciitis pain, including physical therapy, buying appropriate shoes, and icing. You can take a peek at my list of home remedies here.

I also really believe in the power of a good pair of shoes. You can check out my list of best running shoes for plantar fasciitis and best overall shoes for plantar fasciitis.

But is there anything you can do to help foot pain at night? A study by BMJ and validated by American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Score (AOFAS) – there’s no evidence to suggest that night splints work. However, patients of mine have stated it helps.

I started this site as a place to put all my tips and recommendations. If you do buy something, I will receive a small referral fee (and it doesn’t cost you any more). All the money goes back into supporting the site!

Best Plantar Fasciitis Night Splints

Plantar Fasciitis Night Splints

Here are my top recommendations for plantar fasciitis braces, also known as night splints. I’ve included the key features of each and some feedback from real people who’ve tried the products.

Bear in mind that all of these are sold as a single splint, not as a pair. If you want support for both feet, you’ll need to buy two.

Fibee Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint

This dorsal night splint comes with a few extra accessories to fight PF pain. It’s moderately priced and popular among people with mild-to-moderate cases of PF.

Fibee Plantar Fasciitis Brace

Key Features
  • Adjustable design for a comfortable fit
  • Comes with a compression copper arch support, plantar fasciitis sleeves, and a spiky massage ball to aid in the PF healing process
  • Comfortable foam padding and an open heel design
  • Available in various sizes for a better fit

What People Love

  • Not too bulky, straps stay in place, and comfortable to sleep in
  • Accessories nice for all-day use
  • Generally a high-quality product
  • Provided pain relief and eased the agony of morning steps in many wearers

What People Hate

  • Caused foot numbness in some wearers
  • Caused some pinching and discomfort for some
  • Velcro snapped or didn’t stay sticky for some people
  • Some people felt the stretch wasn’t deep enough

Recommended For

  • People wanting a lightweight option
  • Mild-to-moderate cases of PF

Not Recommended For

  • Sensitive feet
  • People wanting a slightly deeper stretch

Cramer Dorsal Night Splint

This posterior boot brace is a bit on the pricier side, but it’s a popular choice among plantar fasciitis sufferers.

Cramer Dorsal Night Splint
12 Reviews
Cramer Dorsal Night Splint

Key Features

  • Clamshell design provides arch support and holds the foot in a neutral position
  • Lightweight for easier movement
  • Designed to keep the foot cool throughout the night
  • Can fit either the right or left foot
  • Adjustable design can fit narrow or wide feet

What People Love

  • Very stable and holds the foot in place well
  • Lightweight design makes for a better sleep than the bulkier designs
  • Comfortable no matter what position you sleep in
  • Really helped with PF pain for many people

What People Hate

  • Didn’t fit correctly for some wearers, especially those with thin legs or smaller feet
  • Caused bruising and irritation for some
  • Caused shin pain for some
  • Caused numbness and cut off circulation for some

Recommended For

  • Front and side sleepers
  • Heel spurs, PF, and other foot issues

Not Recommended For

  • Small or narrow feet
  • People with sensitive feet

Vive Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint

This padded, mid-priced boot brace is available in three different sizes and comes with a spiky massage ball.

Vive Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint Plus Trigger Point Stretch Wedges - Soft Leg Brace Support, Orthopedic Sleeping Immobilizer Stretch Boot (Large: Men's: 8.5-11, Women's: 10-12)

Key Features

  • Designed to support a neutral foot position
  • Two removable soft foam wedges to adjust the level of stretch
  • Features three adjustable straps to keep the splint in place throughout the night
  • Latex-free
  • Breathable padded lining for a comfortable sleep

What People Love

  • Padding helps make sleep much more comfortable
  • Comfortable for front sleepers
  • Velcro fastening allows wearers to adjust stretch
  • Can be walked in if you need to get up in the night
  • Wedge feature is a nice way to adjust and customize angle

What People Hate

  • The outer material doesn’t move around well in the bed and clings to sheets, making it hard to move in the night
  • Sizing can be tricky, with feet not always staying put
  • Causes numbness in some wearers
  • The Velcro isn’t durable for some people and wears out too quickly
  • Velcro sometimes sticks to the sheets

Recommended For

  • Heel spurs and PF pain
  • People wanting a customized, adjustable fit

Not Recommended For

  • Light sleepers
  • Tossers and turners
  • Achilles tendonitis

Nice Stretch Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint

This boot brace is on the pricier side, but it comes with an ice-pack, making it a great choice for those who run hot in the night. It’s available in two different sizes.

Nice Stretch Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint

Key Features

  • Lightweight design with fixed angle support
  • Non-skid treads on the bottom of the splint are ideal if you need to walk in the night
  • Features a toe lift and a removable ice pack

What People Love

  • Helped many people with leg/calf cramps
  • Many people felt the ice pack contributed to a reduction in pain
  • Comfortable to get up and walk around in during the night
  • Clips to secure Velcro help keep the splint fitting nice and snug
  • Good cushioning makes it a comfortable brace to sleep in

What People Hate

  • Velcro loses stickiness over time
  • The padding wears down after a few months
  • Too bulky and heavy for some wearers
  • Doesn’t always fit well on people with larger calves
  • The top strap didn’t close on a lot of people with larger ankles

Recommended For

  • Longer/larger feet
  • People who run hot on the night

Not Recommended For

  • Small/narrow feet
  • People with larger calves and ankles

How do Night Splints Work?

A night splint holds your foot in an optimal position for stretching of the plantar fascia to take place. Your plantar fascia is the ligament that runs along the bottom of your foot. Stretching the plantar fascia helps reduce stress and inflammation in your feet.
Night splints can take a while to get used to. Aim for gradual increases in the amount of time you wear it. You can work your way up from an hour or so of wear before bed to wearing the splint throughout the entire night.

Benefits of Using A Night Splint For Plantar Fasciitis

Although it can take a while to get used to, a good night brace should still feel fairly comfortable. The goal of wearing a plantar fasciitis night splint is to stretch the fascia and relieve pain. After wearing a splint, some people find that their first steps in the morning become much more bearable. No more wincing!

More good news: Many people who regularly wear night splints discover that the effects of stretching last throughout the day!

How To Choose The Right Night Splint

It can be overwhelming to sift through the options and find the right night splint for your needs. Here are some tips:

Seek Support.

You’ll probably want brace support that focuses on your foot, ankle, and Achilles tendon. If you have high arches, you’ll want a brace with supportive cushioning. If you have ankle issues,  you might want to look for a model that doubles as an ankle brace.

Focus on Fit.

A night brace should be snug but not uncomfortably tight. Many braces come in a few different sizes. Some models even come with adjustable dual-tension straps.

Just Breathe.

You need to make sure you choose a sleep support brace that’ll breathe throughout the night. There’s nothing worse than waking up to sweaty feet!

Consider Your Sleep Style.

Some models work better for back sleepers than side sleepers. Some models are fine to walk in if you often get up in the night, while others may cause you to slip and slide. And if you have very sensitive feet and will be bothered by a bulkier boot brace, you might want to choose a sock instead of a brace.

Consider The Top Foot Brace Brands

  • Nice Stretch 90
  • Vive
  • Cramer
  • Fibee
  • Bird and Cronin

Types Of Night Splints

Plantar fasciitis night splints come in two main types: posterior and dorsal.

So what is the best plantar fasciitis brace? There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. It depends on your needs.

Posterior Night Splint (Boot Splint)

A posterior night splint is the most common type of splint. This is a fancy word for a boot brace. Most of these braces are adjustable, but they can be bulky and heavy to sleep in. They can cause numbness, but this is often solved by adjusting the straps.

Many people find it difficult to walk while wearing a dorsal brace, so bear this in mind if you make frequent trips to the bathroom at night!

Doral Night Splints

Dorsal night splints, on the other hand, tend to be less bulky and more comfortable. However, they usually don’t stretch the foot quite as much. This type of splint has a hard plastic piece that runs along the shinbone. This plastic keeps your foot at a 90-degree angle throughout the night.

Dorsal braces sometimes slip along the foot and do not always hold the foot in place very well. They sometimes cause toe discomfort, and they can be hot to wear.

What About Support Socks?

If splints don’t sound right for you, I’d highly recommend sleeping in support socks. They are more comfortable and less bulky than wearing a splint. Two types that I highly recommend are the Strassburg Sock and the Vive Plantar Fasciitis Stretch Sock. I also have listed some compression socks here.


And that’s it! My list of top recommendations for night splints for plantar fasciitis pain.

As I said earlier, I personally think support socks are the best option for sleeping. I’d really recommend The Strassburg Sock. Yes, it’s a little pricey, but it provides a nice stretch to the plantar fascia. It also fits comfortably for many wearers. Comfort can’t be underestimated, especially when trying to get a good night’s sleep.

If you prefer a splint, my top choice is the Cramer Dorsal Night Splint. Again, it’s a little pricey, but you often get what you pay for. I like this one because it’s lightweight, it provides stability to the foot, and it offers active ankle support. Most importantly, it really helped reduce pain for many wearers.

Finding the perfect night splint can definitely take some time and research. I hope this list has helped you narrow down your options.

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