9 Best Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis For Arch & Heel Support

Plantar fasciitis pain is a nightmare. I know firsthand that suffering from plantar fasciitis can make simple tasks like walking much more challenging. Luckily, there are lots of ways to treat PF, including many simple remedies you can try at home. In this article, I’ll share my best picks for over-the-counter insoles for plantar fasciitis.

As a doctor who often works with athletes, I know how important proper shoewear can be. Shoes are great, but sometimes you still need some extra support. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or you simply walk a lot as part of your job, you might consider trying out some shoe inserts for plantar fasciitis.

This website is a place for me to share the knowledge I’ve gained over my many years as a sports medicine doctor. I want it to be a great resource for my patients and others seeking pain relief. Proceeds from affiliate links go towards maintaining the site.

Best Shoe Inserts For Plantar Fasciitis

Best Insoles For Plantar Fasciitis

Here is my list of the best plantar fasciitis shoe inserts. Remember to keep the below-mentioned considerations in mind as you search for the ideal shoe insole.

Natural Foot Orthotics Inserts for Plantar Fasciitis

Natural Foot Orthotics Stabilizer Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis Relief, Heel, Shoe, Unisex, 13 Sizes

Key Features

  • A clear upgrade over your original insoles
  • Available in multiple shoe sizes.
  • Provides additional comfort for those with Achilles tendonitis
  • Adds as sturdy foam layer for shoe stability

Superfeet GREEN Full Length Insole

This insole is a bit on the pricier side, but it’s a popular choice among plantar fasciitis sufferers. It’s also recommended by many people who suffer from knee pain.

Superfeet GREEN Insoles, Professional-Grade High Arch Support, Orthotic Shoe Inserts for Maximum Support, Unisex, Green

Key Features

  • Cushioned insole measures 2 inches high and 4 inches wide
  • Deep heel cup provides shock absorption and support
  • Biomechanical design corrects issues in the foot
  • Odor-eliminating foam
  • Stabilizer cap to support the heel

What People Love

  • They provide pain relief and support for flat feet
  • They also provide nice support for people with high arches
  • Slide easily into and out of a pair of shoes
  • Provide comfort and pain relief for people suffering from knee issues
  • A less expensive alternative to customized orthotics

What People Hate

  • They take a while to break in
  • Some durability issues
  • Squeak inside the shoe
  • Uncomfortable in the arches for some
  • Caused discomfort in the toe area for some

Recommended For

  • Wide feet
  • Most arch types
  • Running

Not Recommended For

  • Very high arches
  • Sensitive feet

ProFoot Heel Pain & Plantar Fasciitis Insole

This 2-pack (2 pairs) of insoles for plantar fasciitis features a gel heel cup in each insert. They’re reasonably priced and represent good value for money. 

ProFoot Heel Pain & Plantar Fasciitis, Women's 6-10

Key Features

  • Arch support designed to target the plantar fascia and heel pain
  • Deep heel cup for stability and support
  • Gel insert in heel protects feet and absorbs shock

What People Love

  • Very versatile, can be worn in many different kinds of shoes
  • Soft sole is comfortable
  • Can be switched out easily and don’t leave any sticky residue
  • Provided PF pain relief for many wearers
  • Heel padding is very comfortable, especially for people with heel spurs

What People Hate

  • Can take some time to break in and get used to
  • Wore down quickly for some wearers
  • Not full-length and therefore don’t provide full support/cushioning
  • Arch support not enough for some wearers

Recommended For

  • Running
  • Shorter periods on feet

Not Recommended For

  • People requiring more arch support
  • All-day wear

Vionic Full Length Relief Orthotic Insole

This insole features an odor-eliminating topcloth and a deep heel cup, which might make it a good choice for athletic use. However, it is a bit on the pricier side.

VIONIC with Orthaheel Technology Unisex Oh Relief Full Length No Color Insole LG (Men's 9.5-11, Women's 10.5-12)

Key Features

  • Medium level of support
  • Designed for wear in casual shoes and walking boots
  • Medium-density EVA base for comfort and support
  • Deep heel cup to help with heel positioning
  • Can be trimmed to fit
  • EcoFresh topcloth to eliminate odor and bacteria

What People Love

  • Very comfortable and make a big difference from many PF sufferers
  • Design helps with correcting gait and stride
  • Slim supports fit into most kinds of shoes
  • Lightweight without sacrificing cushioning and shock absorption

What People Hate

  • Too wide for some people with narrower feet
  • Not enough cushioning for some people
  • Caused blisters and discomfort for some wearers
  • Wore down too quickly for some people
  • Some people were not impressed with the quality of the materials and said they felt cheap

Recommended For

  • Low arches
  • High arches
  • Walkers

Not Recommended For

  • Narrow feet
  • Flat feet

SOUL Insole Micro-Size Premium Orthotic Insole

These orthotic inserts with gel padding are available in small, medium, or large sizes. They might be a good pick if you’re looking for something to wear with sandals or dressier shoes.

Soul Insole Shoe Bubble Orthotic Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis, Pronation, Heel Pain, Memory Gel Arch Support Inserts (Medium - Transparent (Thicker Support))

Key Features

  • Designed to reduce pressure on feet by redistributing weight
  • Designed to prevent overpronation
  • Hand-washable and reusable
  • Medical-grade gel with antibacterial and odor-fighting properties

What People Love

  • Great support for all-day wear
  • Can be easily moved from one pair of shoes to another
  • Odor reduction works really well
  • Sticky back means they stay in place well for most users

What People Hate

  • The sticky back can collect dirt
  • Sticky back wore out after a few washes for some wearers
  • Uncomfortable and caused pinching for some
  • Arch support too high for some
  • Can take a while to get the position just right

Recommended For

  • Flat feet
  • Use in sandals

Not Recommended For

  • High arches
  • Athletic use

Powerstep Pinnacle Shoe Insoles

These are an extremely popular choice among plantar fasciitis sufferers. Many people found that they provided good cushioning and stability.

Powerstep Insoles, Pinnacle, Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief Insole, Heel Pain & Arch Support Orthotic For Women and Men
3 Reviews
Powerstep Insoles, Pinnacle, Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief Insole, Heel Pain & Arch Support Orthotic For Women and Men

Key Features

  • EVA foam with a plush top layer for durability and enhanced comfort
  • Rigid arch support for stability and motion control
  • Deep heel cradle for support
  • Antimicrobial material to keep feet hygienic and cool
  • Insole designed to support low, neutral, and high arches

What People Love

  • Provided PF pain relief for many wearers
  • Comfortable cushioning for all-day wear
  • Supportive for ankle stability
  • Easy to swap them in and out of different pairs of shoes

What People Hate

  • Some quality issues with the insoles falling apart very quickly
  • Caused toe blisters and discomfort for some wearers
  • Fabric didn’t rid of odors, stunk after a while
  • Bulky and don’t always fit well into non-athletic shoes
  • Not enough cushioning for many wearers

Recommended For

  • High arches
  • Flat feet

Not Recommended For

  • Sensitive Feet
  • People with odor issues

Nazaroo Orthotic Insoles for Flat Feet

These insoles are on the lower end of the price range. They feature antimicrobial materials and are available in three colors.

Shoe Insoles Arch Support Inserts Orthotic Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis, Flat Feet, High Arch, Pronation, Heel Spurs & Foot Pain

Key Features

  • Arch support designed to minimize pressure placed on the foot
  • Deep heel cradle for added stability
  • Latex cushioning for shock absorption
  • Antimicrobial composite materials to keep feet cool and dry
  • Can fit in most footwear

What People Love

  • Comfortable with good cushioning
  • Keep feet nice and cool and don’t cause sweating
  • Firm support means good heel positioning
  • Fit well into shoes with minimal/no slipping
  • Good quality with durable materials

What People Hate

  • Can be uncomfortable because the cushioning is too firm
  • Didn’t always fit into smaller/narrower women’s shoes, maybe not the best choice for smaller women’s feet
  • Color leaked onto some people’s socks
  • A bit bulky for some people
  • Sizing a bit tricky to get right

Recommended For

  • Athletic use
  • Fallen arches/flat feet

Not Recommended For

  • Smaller feet
  • People wanting a springier step/feel

Dr. Scholl’s Pain Relief Orthotics for Plantar Fasciitis

These Dr. Scholl’s inserts are very reasonably priced and might be a good choice for moderate cases of plantar fasciitis.

Dr. Scholl’s® Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief Orthotic Insoles, Immediately Relieves Pain: Heel, Spurs, Arch Support, Distributes Foot Pressure, Trim to Fit Shoe Inserts: Men's Size 8-13, 1 Pair

Key Features

  • Specifically designed to address plantar fasciitis pain
  • Shock Guard Technology for pain relief
  • Reinforced arch and heel cushion for shock absorption
  • Can be trimmed to fit shoes

What People Love

  • Option to trim is convenient and can be cut to fit shoes perfectly
  • Lightweight with springy cushioning
  • A comfortable amount of heel cushioning
  • Alleviated heel pain for many wearers

What People Hate

  • Sizing runs a bit small
  • Too flimsy for some
  • Durability issues with the top fabric peeling off quickly
  • Not enough support for flat feet or fallen arches
  • Didn’t always align properly
  • Heel pad not soft enough for some people

Recommended For

  • Lighter cases of PF
  • Casual walking

Not Recommended For

  • More serious cases of PF
  • All-day wear/long walks or runs
  • Flat feet/fallen arches

Footminders COMFORT Orthotic Arch Support Insoles for Sports Shoes and Work Boots

These arch support inserts are in the middle of the price range and might be a good choice for workwear or exercising. They come in a variety of men’s and women’s shoe sizes.

Footminders Comfort Orthotic Arch Support Insoles for Sport Shoes and Work Boots (Pair) (Medium: Men 7½ - 9 Women 8½ -10) - Relieve Foot Pain Due to Flat Feet and Plantar Fasciitis

Key Features

  • Designed to provide pain relief
  • Firm arch support
  • Designed to be worn in lace-up athletic shoes and work boots
  • Deep heel cups for additional stability through the ankle

What People Love

  • Many people found that they were long-lasting and durable
  • Firm support good for PF
  • Reduced pain for many wearers
  • Design helps correct overpronation
  • Great arch support

What People Hate

  • Insole not thick enough for some heavier people
  • Arch support is high, but the insole lacks cushioning in the rest of the foot
  • Wore down too quickly for some wearers
  • Pad is too wide for many women’s shoes
  • Too stiff and uncomfortable for some wearers

Recommended For

  • Wide feet
  • Flat feet

Not Recommended For

  • Narrow feet
  • Heavier people
  • People wanting more cushioning in the heel

Choosing Plantar Fasciitis Inserts

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common problems my patients have. This painful condition occurs when the tissue along the bottom of the foot, known as the plantar fascia ligament, becomes torn and inflamed. If you’re here, you probably already know how painful this can be.

Orthotic inserts, or insoles, can be a great tool in the fight against PF pain. A good pair of plantar fasciitis insoles should provide cushioning and support your feet.  Insoles are designed to help reduce pain. Some inserts can even help correct your gait, which also reduces pain over time.

Some people do need customized orthotic insoles. You can talk about this option with your doctor. However, many people can purchase a pair right off the shelf (or the internet!).

Why Wear Orthotics for Plantar Fasciitis?

Although buying a pair of supportive shoes is a very wise idea, you might find you still require extra support for plantar fasciitis relief.

There might also be times when your most comfortable shoes don’t cut it, and you need to wear a less supportive pair. For instance, maybe you need to wear a dressier but less supportive shoe for a fancy occasion or an important meeting. This is where insoles come in.

How To Choose The Best Plantar Fasciitis Insoles For Your Feet

A good pair of insoles should provide cushioning, arch support, and heel support. They should fit properly in your shoe and be comfortable to walk around in.

Before you buy, consider these things:


A good insole might take a while to break in, but ultimately it should feel very comfortable. Good cushioning will not only keep your foot comfortable, but it will also aid stability and alignment.

Arch Support

This is important for comfort and pain reduction. Make sure to consider your specific needs. Some insoles work better for people with low or fallen arches, while others work better for high arches. Either way, the arch support should completely cradle your arch to take the pressure off your heel.

Heel Support

A deep heel cup will help with shock absorption. It will also help with stability and alignment.


If you want to use the insoles for athletic wear, look for breathable, antimicrobial material. If your PF pain is severe, you might want to look for an insole that features a gel cushion. This will add extra spring to your step and reduce heel pain.

Popular Shoe Insert Brands

  • Superfeet
  • ProFoot
  • Vionic
  • SOUL
  • Powerstep
  • Nazaroo
  • Dr. Scholl’s
  • Footminders

Common Questions About Insoles

Sports Medicine FAQs

And those are my top picks for orthotic insoles for plantar fasciitis.

If you’re still trying to make up your mind, I’d recommend the Superfeet GREEN Full Length Insole. They are a little expensive, but they tick all the boxes: good arch support, a deep heel cup, and odor-eliminating materials.

If you need something a little more subtle to wear with sandals or dress shoes, I recommend the SOUL Micro-Size Insole. It provides discrete arch support and has antimicrobial properties to keep your feet fresh.

If you’re looking for something to wear in work boots, the Footminders COMFORT insoles might be a good choice. These are designed specifically for workwear and athletic shoes, and they feature really nice arch support.

If you have severe pain, consider contacting your primary care Physician or Podiatrist – they might recommend custom orthotics. I do suggest that you try exercising and over-the-counter insoles before taking the custom orthidic route.

The right type of shoe can also go a long way.

I hope this list has helped you decide which insoles are right for you!

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