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Best Back Brace

Best Back Brace Options for Back Pain Relief and Support

Backaches and pains can occur in individuals of all ages. From lower back pain to mid- and upper pain, when these aches occur, finding a way to alleviate the pain and pressure is what you crave. A back brace is …

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Best Physical Therapy Websites

Top 50 Physical Therapy Blogs and Websites For 2020

As a sports medicine physician, I’m a huge advocate for physical therapy. Between that and …

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Hip Rehab For Rehab

20 Best physical therapy exercises for hip pain

Whether you’re sitting on your behind all day, or participating in triathlons, your hips are …

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Knee Stretches

17 Physical Therapy Exercises For Knee Pain

You use your knees daily to sit and walk. The constant use puts the complex …

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Shoulder Pain Exercises

14 physical therapy exercises for shoulder pain & Rehab

You might not realize it, but you use your shoulders daily to lift, reach, pull, …

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Meet the Sporty Doctor

A graduate of A.T. Still’s Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. Kristina DeMatas practices holistic, evidence-based family medicine that focuses on treating injuries and transforming lives through prevention, rehabilitation, and diet. She is also a Family and Sports Medicine Physician At Mayo Clinic.

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Our Mission

To help people reduce the need for drugs and tap into the body’s natural ability to heal itself by focusing on prevention and rehabilitation.


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Sporty Doctor provides advice to help weekend warriors and elite athletes alike stay active with non-surgical techniques and holistic treatment options. Sporty Doctor Is Founded By Dr. Kristina DeMatas, D.O.

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