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About Sporty Doctor

Our mission is to help people reduce the need for drugs and tap into the body’s natural ability to heal itself by focusing on prevention and rehabilitation.

Kristina Headshot

Dr. Kristina DeMatas, Founder

Dr. Kristina DeMatas practices holistic, evidence-based family medicine that focuses on treating injuries and transforming lives through prevention, rehabilitation, and diet. She is also a Family and Sports Medicine Physician At Mayo Clinic.

Dr Calvin Walter Damper

Dr. Walter Calvin Damper

Walter Calvin Damper, DO, specializes in holistic and nonsurgical treatments to alleviate back, joint, nerve and muscle pain. His patients range from injured professional athletes in the NBA, NFL, and MLB to patients suffering from acute or chronic pain.

Shannon Hall

Shannon “Dallas” Hall

Shannon is a certified personal trainer specializing in body composition and sports nutrition, a USA boxing coach, and a former American Gladiator.

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