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A Little About Me

I work as a family and sports medicine physician at the Mayo Clinic* in Jacksonville, Florida. I attended osteopathic medical school and treat sports injuries. I truly believe in the body's innate ability to heal itself and the power of physical therapy to treat injuries. I prefer to focus on prevention instead of just prescribing medications.

*Please note that this website is in no way affiliated with Mayo Clinic. All opinions are my own.

My Mission

To help people reduce the need for drugs and tap into the body’s natural ability to heal itself by focusing on prevention and rehabilitation.

Put even more simply, I want to provide advice to help weekend warriors and elite athletes alike stay active with non-surgical techniques and holistic treatment options. Together, we can conquer pain!

Kristina DeMatas

My Background

I am a primary care physician, but I’m also active and have a passion for sports. I have many years of training and experience in sports medicine. As part of my studies I completed a sports medicine fellowship.

My mother is a physical therapist and I was exposed to rehabilitation at an early age. I remember being fascinated in seventh grade anatomy lab while dissecting frogs. My interest has grown over the years. This made becoming a doctor a natural choice for me. I truly can’t imagine doing anything else!

I have a keen interest in sports medicine. I was a competitive volleyball player for eight years, and I remain an active weekend warrior. As a mommy to two small children, it’s in my best interest to stay healthy and fit! I love football and am a HUGE Gator fan. I also love spending time at the beach.

Education and Credentials

I am a doctor of osteopathy. This means that I practice holistic medicine. You can read more about what a doctor of osteopathy does here.

I attended the founding College of Osteopathic Medicine A.T. Still University

I am a primary care doctor. Like most sports medicine physicians, I can treat and manage all aspects of sports medicine except those conditions which require surgery. I refer my patients to orthopedic surgeons when necessary. When possible, I try to refer patients for minimally invasive procedures. I can also refer patients to a physical therapist.

I completed my fellowship training at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville,FL

I can prescribe Rx, but would rather correct issues at the source through preventative measures, like rehab and diet.

My areas of interest include primary care and sports medicine, nutrition and wellness, concussion, musculoskeletal injections, and ultrasound-guided injections

For more information about me, check out my Mayo Clinic profile.

I met three-time Olympic gold medalist, Kerri Walsh while covering a volleyball tournament.

Sports Coverage

Not only do I see patients in the office, I also cover on the sidelines at local sporting events! I have been a team physician and covered football games at the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind, Terry Parker High School, Sandalwood High School, Edward Waters college and the Junior Development League.


My sports coverage experience is not just limited to football. I have also covered UNF Women’s and Men’s Soccer, UNF Basketball, the Donna Marathon, Triathlons, and FIVB Beach Volleyball (Olympic and professional level beach volleyball tournament).

Community Involvement

I enjoy being active in my local Jacksonville community. I have worked with athletic trainers and performed physicals for high school sports. I served as the medical director for the DONNA Breast Cancer Marathon.

I am a big advocate for concussion prevention and awareness. I was part of a team that provided concussion testing to young athletes at the Mayo Clinic. Here’s a video of me on the local news talking about this service and giving tips for spotting and preventing concussions.

I believe giving back is important. For that reason, I am a proud supporter of the following organizations:

When you support SportyDoctor.com, you also support the organizations we believe in.

Why This Website?

I started this website as an at-home resource for my patients. I am always making recommendations in the office and I thought it’d be a cool idea if my patients (and anyone on the web!) could have easy access to this information at home. I want this site to be a resource for everything sports-medicine related! To that end, you’ll find lots of tips and tricks to prevent and treat injuries, as well as some product recommendations to help you on the road to recovery.


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Sporty Doctor provides advice to help weekend warriors and elite athletes alike stay active with non-surgical techniques and holistic treatment options. Sporty Doctor Is Founded By Dr. Kristina DeMatas, D.O.

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