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hip flexor rehab

8 Best Hip Flexor Rehab Stretches & Exercises

Your hip flexors are responsible for bringing your knee up towards your chest. They also play a role in rotating your thigh and trunk together and stabilizing the pelvis. If you overuse or strain them, you may experience pain in the front of your hip or thigh and reduced hip flexor function.  In this post, … Read more

hip flexor exercises for seniors

8 Strengthening Hip Flexor Exercises for Seniors

As we age, our bodies go through many changes. We may not be as flexible as we once were, and our muscles may not be as strong, leading to increased fall risk and injury potential, not to mention bone breakage. This is why hip flexor exercises for seniors and older adults are so important. Hip … Read more

rehab exercises for hip

Best 15 Hip Physical Therapy Rehab Exercises

If you’re struggling with hip pain and limited mobility, you’re not alone. According to a study in Osteoarthritis Cartilage, 1 in 4 adults will develop symptomatic hip osteoarthritis in their lifetime. While there’s no cure for hip pain, physical therapy can be an effective way to manage a variety of symptoms to improve your quality … Read more

IT Band Stretches for Hip Pain

10 Best IT Band Stretches for Hip Pain Relief

Iliotibial band syndrome, also known as IT band syndrome, hip bursitis, or runner’s knee, is a condition that can cause pain and inflammation in the muscles and tendons that run along the outer thigh, causing hip and knee pain. If you’re suffering from this condition, these IT band hip pain stretches could be for you. … Read more

hip tendonitis exercises

10 Simple & Easy Hip Tendonitis Exercises to Try at Home

If you’re suffering from hip pain, tendonitis (also spelled tendinitis) may be the reason. You may experience trouble with normal activities such as walking, climbing stairs, getting in and out of a chair, or running. Take a look at these hip tendonitis exercises to help relieve your pain, especially if you’re also experiencing lower back … Read more


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