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Will Walking on a Torn Meniscus Make it Worse?

While it depends on the type and severity of your injury, studies have indicated that physical therapy exercises can help a meniscus tear heal quicker. Learn what causes meniscal tears, how to treat them, and when weight-bearing rehabilitation can help them heal quicker.  What is a Meniscus Tear? Menisci are pieces of wedge-shaped cartilage on … Read more

resistance bands for back

7 Best Back Exercises with Resistance Bands

Probably one of the most neglected body parts to train is the back. We want those beautiful caps on rounded shoulders, a bodacious booty, and amazing abs, but what about the back? The back is important to keep fine-tuned because it ties all of those body parts together and supports a correct posture. Correct posture … Read more

Physical Therapy Exercises In Living Room

25 Simple Physical Therapy Exercises You Can Do At Home

Daily visits to the physical therapist don’t fit into everyone’s schedule. Keeping your body in good working order is all about being proactive. If you have an injury or medical condition, at-home physical therapy exercise programs are the best way to heal and strengthen those painful and overworked muscles. I’ve put together a tried-and-true list … Read more

Physical Therapy Exercises At Home
Best Physical Therapy Websites

Top 50 Physical Therapy Blogs and Websites For 2021

As a sports medicine physician, I’m a huge advocate for physical therapy. Between that and my mom being a PT, I’m always looking to add physical therapy resources to Sporty Doctor. Physical therapy does wonders for sports injuries, car accidents, or rehab in general. If you’re a medical professional or going through the rehab process, … Read more

Hip Rehab For Rehab

20 Best Physical Therapy Exercises for Hip Pain

Whether you’re sitting on your behind all day, or participating in triathlons, your hips are hard at work. You will start to feel an ache and tightness in your pelvis and buttocks that makes you shift  your weight from side to side to find relief from the pain. As you age, hip pain becomes more … Read more

Knee Stretches

16 Physical Therapy Exercises For Knee Pain

You use your knees daily to sit and walk. The constant use puts the complex joint at risk for injury. Common knee injuries include sprains, meniscus tears, ligament tears, and fractures. Most injuries can be treated with simple bracing and a focused physical therapy (PT) knee rehab program. Here is a list of 16 medically … Read more

Knee Stretches And Exercises For Pain And Rehabilitation


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